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Integral Psychotherapy and Growth Work

Therapy is self realization.

Growth is Self realization

Welcome. I am a psychologist with over 35 years of experience providing psychotherapy, teaching, and consulting.  My specialty is Integral psychotherapy and growth work.

Each of us is on a path of life long development and learning, from birth to death. We can be lit up by happiness and brought to dark places.  Suffering can make us better people; it can also overwhelm us.  I believe that human beings are complex and deep, and that our unconscious body-mind is a great ally.  It holds not just repressed memories, but also a deeper Self, a seat of consciousness greater than the egoic self.

We can heal and grow, always toward integration, wholeness, and transcendence.  Consciously working on our healing and growth brings a sense of meaning and value in life. This is a great replacement for addictions.

Integral Psychotherapy

Healing of old wounds needs a safe and validating environment.  It is important to feel well understood and also respected as a separate individual.  This becomes a holding space to safely bring up uncomfortable issues and feelings that need attention and working through.

Unhealed places create knots, while the rest of you continues to mature.  When stuck places become unstuck, that part quickly catches up with the rest of you.  Symptoms decrease, replaced by relief, peace, and more emotional energy to meet life with.

Change in therapy is a dynamic and collaborative process. Any, or several, models of psychotherapy can help this happen.  I have had a minimum of 7 years of training in each of 5 areas (see About Joanne Rubin).  My present training relates to states of consciousness, philosophy, spiritual development, and subtler states of consciousness. What I actually do in any moment in a therapy session depends on what you are looking for and what seems best to help you get there.

I respect the costs involved, in effort, money, and time. So we decide together how to format our sessions for the best effect at lowest cost. 

Growth Work

Growth work, based on Ken Wilber's Integral theory, helps you deepen and broaden your perspective, your identity, and your relationships. The work involves self-discovery in the trajectory of your life: where you are and what you can grow to. Stages of maturity go all the way through life. 

Together we will create your "psychograph." We'll identify areas in which you are most ripe for "transformation" to a next stage in at least 4 general areas of your life. We will identify practices that will help you grow, and use therapy to work through obstacles.

Not to grow is to become stale. There is much to discover when you experience the world in new ways.

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Joanne Rubin, Ph.D.